Each month we ask an indispensable profile from STUD!O five quick questions. Our very own Santa Claus, Bjarke, who has been with us for just over 2 years and is one of our Sous Chefs, is the main man in December

Name & age:
Bjarke von Holck, 28 years old

Bjarke is originally from Aalborg, but the dreams of becoming a top chef lead him to Copenhagen where he was skilled at AOC before joining the team at STUD!O

Sous Chef

Favourite ingredient:
Bjarke had a little trouble choosing his favourite ingredient, but he ended up choosing a Danish favourite - salt liquorice

Best thing about STUD!O:
Bjarke thinks that the best thing about STUD!O is the personal relationship that the employees get to the guests throughout the dinner experience. 
"It is quite rare as a chef that you get the opportunity to follow a dish through from raw ingredients to presenting it to the guests"

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Now that 2016 is coming to an end, and the new year is approaching, it is time to look ahead and plan the last evening of the year. Sparkling champagne and new years eve is inseparable, and combined with original music and a Michelin-awarded star chef, it provides the ingredients to an amazing evening.

Extraordinarily this year, Krug and STUD!O gives you the possibility of buying an exquisite new years menu for only DKK 500 per person, but only 50 packages will be prepared, so you have to be quick. You can book your number of packages here from December 19 at 9.00 in the morning. Beforehand, you can furthermore download a special playlist for the evening from Avila Past, see the whole menu, read more about the collaboration and see the movie where the interpretation of soulful music and sublime gastronomy is brought together and form an extraordinary, perfect match. 



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Sunday and Monday: Closed

Tuesday and Wednesday: 19.00 to 24.00 

Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 12.00 to 15.00 and 19.00 to 24.00



STUD!O is Claus Meyer and Torsten Vildgaard’s gourmet restaurant situated in central Copenhagen in beautiful surroundings at the harbour front. At STUD!O Torsten as headchef lives out his dream for fine dining and hospitality.

The restaurant opened in October 2013 and was after only four months awarded 1 Michelin-star, which it has held sine. In October 2014 STUD!O was named the 3rd best restaurant in Denmark and the 10th best restaurant in the Nordic countries by White Guide Nordic. Furthermore, Torsten Vildgaard was named chef of the year in Denmark by "Den Danske Spiseguide" (“The Danish restaurant guide). Most recently, STUD!O has been ranked as number 40 on the restaurant list OAD's Top 100 European Restaurants 2016. According to the list, that makes STUD!O the fourth best restaurant in Denmark.

STUD!O is a workshop of passion with an inquisitive, curious and playful cuisine, challenging the dogmas in the Nordic kitchen tradition. Torsten himself was a significant part of that as the headchef and driving force at Noma’s test kitchen for 8 years from 2005-2012. STUD!O’s philosophy is more open-minded and out-going, though, and although the DNA is clearly Nordic, Torsten’s love for French and Japanese cooking shines through in the dishes and the presentation.

Hospitality is taken one step further. Guests are invited right into the heart of Studio at the open kitchen where they can experience the chefs in action and see the smiles on their faces when they nail a dish, which is then proudly served.

The chefs enjoy playing with their guest’s expectations of what they think they are about to taste, turning everything upside down and giving everyone a warm, intimate and personal experience.



Torsten Vildgaard is head chef and co-owner of STUD!O, which, just 5 months after opening, received a Michelin star in 2014.

Torsten was previously best know for his time at noma as Sous Chef and Head of R&D from 2005-2012. In that period of time noma was named World’s Best Restaurant in 2008-2011 by “World´s 50 Best Restaurants”.

Torsten was named “Chef of the Year” in Denmark in 2005, he won Nordic Challenge in 2007 and was named “Chef of the Year” in Den Danske Spiseguide (The Danish restaurant guide") 2014. In 2015 Torsten won “Chef of Chefs”, which is an award voted by all Danish chefs.

In 2015 STUD!O was nominated for “Best restaurant in Denmark” in Den Danske Spiseguide and nominated for Byens Bedste Gastronomi in AOK (best restaurant).

In White Guide STUD!O was named “New Restaurant of the Year” in 2014 and was furthermore named Denmark's 3rd best restaurant and the 10th best restaurant in the Nordic countries.


Bjarke von Holck, skilled at AOC in November 2014, has in a very short timespan shown himself worthy of the responsibility of being the Sous Chef of a Michelin restaurant.

He works determined towards STUD!O’s common objective of perfection and development and has quickly become an ambassador of the restaurant’s cornerstones, which are innovation and a constant, yet informal interaction with every single guest.

8 months after being hired, he was named Junior Sous Chef and a couple of months later he was additionally promoted.

As Torsten’s right hand he takes care of service on days where the boss is unable to be there himself. At the same time Bjarke gets an opportunity to put his mark on STUD!O and is an important part of the on-going development of the restaurant.


We are always looking for the perfect addition to our little family, so if you would like to be a stagiaire, chef, waiter or manager at STUD!O, feel free to apply!

It is mandatory for staff at STUD!O to have fun at work and we all strive to create a relaxed and good work environment. This, along with our common passion for creating world class experiences for our guests, is what you will need to comply with to fit in.

Our restaurant has a strong Nordic DNA with influences from all over the world – the common denominator being quality and creativity!

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