We are hosting an exclusive New Year’s Eve at STUD!O and promise an outstanding evening with the best produce of the season and the sommelier’s finest wines. Damien has created a menu, and together with the team, he will spoil you with everything from truffles and foie gras to oysters and lobster. 

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Studio Christmas Lunch

We invite you to try our special sharing Christmas lunch.

The lunch will consists of 5 servings; beginning with two snacks, a starter, a sharing main course with duck and sides, and ends with a sweet final.

It will only be served for lunch - every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12-2 pm from November 17th to December 22nd.


DKK 750 kr pr. person - min. 2 people.



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Pictures on the website are taken by photographers Signe Roderik and Nikolai Linares.



At The Standard you will find STUD!O - a one-star Michelin restaurant with the vision of uniting passion and innovation.

Looking directly at the water you can sit back and let yourself be seduced by the finest Nordic cuisine with a touch of Damian Quintana’s South American roots. Since 2017, Damian has been the Head Chef in the large open kitchen and created completely new flavors, we have just begun exploring. The idea is to create a kitchen that is rooted, but not limited to, the Scandinavian countries. A Nordic kitchen that embraces and explores the possibilities in the world’s tastes and cooking methods.

The restaurant opened in October 2013 with Torsten Vilgaard as Head Chef and partner to Claus Meyer. Shortly after the opening, STUD!O received a Michelin star in the famous guide, and it has been hanging around ever since. Lastly, the star remained in February 2018 after only six months with Damian Quintana as a new man at the helm.

In October 2014, STUD!O was named 3rd best restaurant in Denmark and 10th in the Nordic countries by White Guide Nordic. In recent times, STUD!O is ranked at OAD's top 100 top best restaurants in Europe as well as the 4th best restaurant in Denmark




Head Chef: Damian Quintana

Damian is born in Patagonia in Southern Chile, an area rich in nature, and where food culture has a major influence. Ever since Damian was 8 years old, his father took him out fishing and hunting, where they subsequently cooked what they had caught over open fire. It was in this early age, the passion for food started and Damian began to follow his dream of being a chef.

After school, Damian moved to Northern Chile for studying gastronomy, and shortly after completing his education, he went abroad to work at the best restaurants in the world. Before Damian settled in Denmark, both New Zealand, Australia, England and France had been part of his gastronomic journey. In Copenhagen he met Torsten Vildgaard, who soon became both a close friend and colleague when Torsten fetched Damian to STUD!O as his souschef and right hand. Their mutual respect for and perception of food was what brought them together, and after Torsten left STUD!O In 2017 he and Damian are still sparring partners today.

Damian started his career in Denmark at Noma and later moved to STUD!O. Since STUD!O's opening in 2013, Damian has been to find at several of the best restaurants in Copenhagen, among others as Assistant Head Chef on both two-star AOC and one-star Marchal at D'Angleterre. However, he was unable to stay away from STUD!O, and in September 2017 he took over the role as Head Chef for Torsten Vildgaard.

Damian is deeply founded in Nordic cuisine, but at the same time he wishes to give an interpretation of his own cultural heritage, presented in both taste and techniques as well as colors.



Head Sommelier: Lau Christian Thorn

Lau has been working with and around food and wine since his early teens. The humble start was his work as a dishwasher at a small restaurant in Aalborg, then serving as a waiter and later also Assistant Manager at MASH Aarhus. After Lau finished his apprenticeship as a waiter and sommelier and was also admitted as a member of the Danish Sommelier Association, he moved the piles to Copenhagen, where he has since been to high-profile Copenhagen restaurants, among others Umami and Marchal and Formel B, both of which have a star in the Michelin Guide. In 2016, Lau started as Head Sommelier at STUD!O and is today for the whole of The Standard.

Lau’s wine style is classic and the interest and passion goes back to the time when France, Germany and Spain dominated the world's wine production, and the time when wines from the United States and Australia were exotic. Despite the classic approach to the wines, Lau is not afraid to make use of new styles. Especially the more naturally produced wine has something to offer and is something that continues to be explored at STUD!O.




We are always on the lookout for the perfect addition to our little family, so feel free to apply if you'd like to be a part of STUD!O!

While the STUD!O team loves to work hard, we also have fun and strive to create a friendly and relaxed work environment. We don't focus solely on experience, but rely on a passion for service to give a world class experience for our guests.

Equipped with a truly international team, STUD!O strengthens its Nordic DNA with influences from all over the world to take creativity to the next level.

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Sunday & Monday closed

Tueday & Wednesday 18.30-24.00

Thursday & Friday 12.00-15.00 & 18.30-24.00

Saturday: 18.30-24.00




The Standard
44 Havnegade
DK-1058 Copenhagen K

Phone: (+45) 72 14 88 08 (Tuesday-Saturday 13.00 to 20.00)

For questions regarding reservations, please contact us at 

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