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STUD!O is a 1 Star Michelin restaurant situated by the harbour front in central Copenhagen that offers gourmet dining with an amazing view.

 The restaurant opened in October 2013 under the watch of Torsten Vildgaard, and was awarded a Michelin-star just a few months later which it has held since. In October 2014, STUD!O was named the 3rd best restaurant in Denmark and the 10th best restaurant in the Nordic countries by White Guide Nordic. More recently, STUD!O has been ranked in the restaurant list OAD's Top 100 European Restaurants 2016, and the fourth best restaurant in Denmark. In August 2017, Torsten's interpretation of plum received The Dish of the Year award in the Desserts category.

After 4 years of leading STUD!O, Torsten Vildgaard returned to noma to be the right hand man to René Redzepi. Damian Quintana who was Torsten's sous chef at STUD!O from its conception in 2013 till 2015, has returned to take command of the kitchen. Head chef Damian Quintana and Manager/Head Sommelier Morten Magh now run STUD!O with a vision that cleverly combines quality and innovation. The idea is to design a modern kitchen that does not confine to Scandinavian borders, but instead draws influence from international cultures including Damian's.

At STUD!O, we pride ourselves on working with food produce and wines that have been treated with the best industry practice. Every course and wine is thoroughly thought out; this coupled with warm, friendly service is what makes our guests keep coming back for more!

Head Chef: Damian Quintana

Damian was born in Patagonia, Chile in a wild and nature-orientated community with a special affinity for food. Damian's father took him on fishing and hunting trips where they prepared and preserved their food, hence his passion for cooking began at a very young age.

Because food  was such an important part of Damian's upbringing, it was only a matter of time before he started pursuing it as a vocation. Post secondary school, Damian moved to northern Chile to study Culinary arts and Management. Soon after, he left his country hoping to find work in the best restaurants in the world.

Damian lived in New Zealand, Australia, UK and France before making his way to Denmark to work at noma. This is where he met Torsten, and they instantly connected over their philosophies of food. It was at STUD!O however, that the duo formed a strong mentor-protégé bond. Although Damian had to leave STUD!O after a couple of years due to a visa issue, he returned to Copenhagen a year later to work as Assistant Head Chef at Marchal, and then at AOC. Damian could not stay away from STUD!O for long- he took over the STUD!O kitchen when Torsten returned to noma.

Damian's focus lies on forming his own expression of food influenced by his heritage and experiences along the way.

Manager/Head Sommelier: Morten Magh

Morten was born in Helsinge, Denmark and has worked with and around food since an adolescent age. Morten's humble beginnings were in Restaurant Tinggården where aged 15, he started as a dishwasher and where former Chef Torsten Vildgaard was the head chef.

Morten completed his waiter's apprenticeship from Brasserie Le Sommelier in 2013 and consequently, became a member of the Danish Sommelier Association. He then began as a waiter at Restaurant AOC where he was, only a couple of months in, promoted to Assistant Manager. In 2014, Morten was reunited with Torsten when he began his journey at STUD!O as Head Sommelier. Soon New York beckoned, and Morten took a break from STUD!O to work as Beverage Director at Ronny Emborg's Atera. During this period, Atera's wine list received Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator in both 2015 and 2016.

To this day, Morten maintains a close bond to restaurant Tinggården; it will always be his second family and the birthplace of his passion for food and wine.

Morten’s approach to wine is very embracing; he appreciates both old and new styles of wine. Morten has designed the wine programme at STUD!O to display diversity and passion. The wine is meticulously selected to reflect his belief that it is important to take the guest on a journey with the wine; a journey that indulges the senses with vivid flavours, styles and countries. 


We are always on the lookout for the perfect addition to our little family, so feel free to apply if you'd like to be a part of STUD!O!

While the STUD!O team loves to work hard, we also have fun and strive to create a friendly and relaxed work environment. We don't focus solely on experience, but rely on a passion for service to give a world class experience for our guests.

Equipped with a truly international team, STUD!O strengthens its Nordic DNA with influences from all over the world to take creativity to the next level.

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