GREAT NEWS if you haven’t bought all of your Christmas Gifts yet!

From today until Christmas Eve, you can buy online gift vouchers in all of our restaurants at The Standard, and we celebrate it by reducing our prices by a minimum of 25% on some of the house's most popular dining experiences.

Treat him or her with a gift card to a Michelin lunch at STUDIO for DKK 500, an evening at Almanak for either DKK 500 or DKK 1000 with all inclusive, or alternatively - give a fun evening with lots of food, drink and climate awareness at Mission for only DKK 600.

You can read more about our different dining experience here, and you can find more details about the differnet dining experience at each restaurant's website.


Party Package

Mission's menu is inspired by the Mediterranean and the Middle East. You get 10 servings served with a vibrant California mindset - and with lots of flavor. The philosophy is "vegetable forward" and sharing style across the table.

You will, therefore, also go through 10 very different servings with everything from the pizzas – that the Danish newspaper Politiken has described as some of the best in Copenahgen – to homemade pasta and alternative ways of using vegetables, before ending with the Mission's signature softice made on sustainable hay milk.

In addition, beer, water and wine ad libitum for two hours.

All for DKK 600 if you buy Party Package gift cards before Christmas. The Mission Party Package usually costs DKK 750.

Buy a Party Package Gift Card here

In addition to the Party Package, Mission also offers gift cards for smaller menus - such as Lunch Menu for DKK 175 and Kitchen Trip with selected dishes for DKK 350.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to issue a gift card to someone you care for with an optional amount for Mission.

See all gift cards available for Mission here.


An Evening at Almanak

This is perhaps our most popular menus, where you will be served the best that Almanak has to offer through 5 delicious dishes. More details.

"An Evening at Almanak" is also available as an all inclusive drink. More details.

Of course, as with Mission, you can also customize your gift card with an optional amount for Almanak.

See all gift cards available for Almanak here.


Michelin Lunch at STUDIO

You now have the opportunity to have a unique experience in a unique setting: Denmark's perhaps smallest and, most certainly, critically acclaimed Michelin restaurant, STUDIO.

For only DKK 500 (normal price DKK 700) you can give a gift card for a lunch with 5 unique servings.

Earlier this year, STUDIO got a new Head of Kitchen when Allan Bates took over the kitchen after being the Deputy Chef at Henne Kirkeby Kro. He has done so with great success, and the small restaurant with the fantastic view has been very busy after great reviews such from, for instance, White Guide and Feinschmeckeren.

At STUDIO you can also buy a gift card for the evening's menu consisting of nine unique servings and accompanying wine menu. This menu is also offered as a gift card without a wine menu.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to customize your gift card for STUDIO.

See all gift cards available for STUDIO here.


Dear guests

  These are indeed challenging and unknown times. Due to the Corona virus, Denmark is in


The Corona virus has hit Denmark, which means that there are fewer tourists in the city

Summer at The Standard

Enjoy Jazz and seafood or "smørrebrød" plater by the waterside - every sunday in July and August at Almanak! See the event here.