You are invited to St. Martin’s Eve at Almanak November 10

On November 10, we celebrate St. Martin’s Eve at Almanak. This year you can treat yourself, family and friends with a lovely 3-courses menu in the spirit of the feast. The menu is put together by the head chef, Christian, and his talented team at Almanak – and is, as always, based on the best ingredients of the season.

As is tradition, we celebrate St. Martin. He did not want to be appointed bishop and, therefore, hid among geese the day the citizens of the French town Tours had planed to appoint him as bishop. They, however, found him due to snitching geese, and he was appointed bishop against his will – and as a punishment for hiding, everyone in town were to slaughter at least one goose every year on November 10, the day he was found. Over the years, the punishment turned into a celebration that we still hold to this day. However, with the change that we today eat duck, as goose was a very expensive eating at that time.

At Almanak, duck will be complemented by Icelandic salmon for starters and a tasty dessert of apple sorbet with apple compote and marzipan from Lilleø and Askeø.

We hope to welcome as many as possible. Thus, the menu will be half price for children under the age of 12 (only DDK 175).

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