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The Corona virus has hit Denmark, which means that there are fewer tourists in the city and that companies limit their meetings. The Standard has a lot of foreign guest and companies, and it has had a big impact on cancellations.

In short: The last week we experienced many last minute cancellations at The Standard, in our top restaurant STUDIO and Almanak. 

Our skilled staff is ready, and the best produce has been brought in. We live and breathe to see this house full of life, so it is heartbreaking to see all of these cancellations coming in.

In light of this, we wish to introduce a SPECIAL PRICE – Half price on STUDIO’s menus and the same for Almanak’s big menu! For the next 14 days, for those of you still in Copenhagen, we would love to have your company in our house!

Needless to say, we are very thankful for people being responsible and cancelling due to the travel restrictions, but we cannot just stand still. As a restaurateur it hurts seeing empty chairs, and potentially letting amazing produce go to waste. 

We wish for everyone to get through this unusual period the best way possible,


Merete Holst,

CEO and owner, The Standard (STUDIO & Almanak).


*The special price goes for the food menus at STUDIO, as well as the big menu at Almanak called ”A night at Almanak”, and lasts until the 19th of March. The special price does not cover the drinks, parties and the rest of Almanak’s a la carte.


Jazz-ikonet Niels Lan Doky og hans International Jazz Collective vender kortvarigt tilbage til The Standard med

Dear guests

  These are indeed challenging and unknown times. Due to the Corona virus, Denmark is in

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